Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving day(s)

Moving with a young baby is pretty much impossible. I think I am averaging two shirts, and a drinking glass a day being moved into the new place. At this rate, we should be moved in, the time the lease is up! 
It is amazing here though!!! My brother's girlfriend came down yesterday to help me. She entertained Aife for a while, and then when Matt got home, her and I ran over load after load of stuff, while he watched our screaming baby. I think the move is pretty overwhelming to her. I think of what Matt and I are feeling, and then I try to imagine how she is perceiving it all. It has to be a little scary, and stressful for her. Plus, she has also outgrown her bassinet, so she is trying to get used to the big crib thing. Last night was better though! Basically, she is just super cranky alllll day, and doesn't want me to do anything besides sit and stare at her as we lay next to one another on our BEAUTIFUL CLEAN NEW FLOORS!! 
Today, I am going to try to get all of our clothes over here. Ok, she's finally asleep. Now is my chance to put some stuff away!


  1. Your posts make me laugh sooo much!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you decorate the new place. Do post pictures when you finally get set up. :P

  2. I came by to check up on you - it looks like you are well! Moving blows for anyone, so of course it will set the wee one off, but she'll respond to your happiness and be pleased too. enjoy!