Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't Forget Your Pants

Everyday Aife and I go for walks. We walk to the river, or to the post office, the park, downtown, wherever. It's wonderful. The weather has been gorgeous, and the breeze keeps us cool. Buuuuut, today I get a phone call from my mom informing me of a flasher on the loose. He is lurking the streets of our small town and secluded bike trails, aka, where we walk. Apparently, this douche is jerking off in front of women, and then chases them if they run. The cops are too busy pulling over speeders, and making bank on traffic violations to do ANYTHING about it. It takes too much police work to track down the perp/perv, with relatively less monetary compensation for it.  Therefore, they aren't doing shit. They recommend you bring a cell phone with you is all. I know that with a cell phone you can snap a pic, and call for help, and perhaps lead to the capture of this guy, but in past experiences like this, cops did NOOOOTHING to help. In fact, I was blamed for it. They accused me of bringing it on myself, or some shit. I guess that is where my bitterness stems from. Anyway, I wish pervs like this would all just go live together on some crappy island, and flash one another ad nauseum to their hearts' perverted content. Then, we could reinstitute our daily walks. I am taking no chances with my little one, and we always wear our pants.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I just want to shoot people dead.
    Like, when police are lousy at their jobs, it's time to shoot flashers. (I learned this logic at law school...)

    PS, if someone shoots the flasher dead, I will totally get them off.

    (the shooter...and I mean get them off in a legal sense...)

    Gah! brain fried from exams!!