Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our New Paradise

We are finally moving to A REAL PEOPLE'S place!! We just signed the lease for a gorgeous new loft. It is so modern, and so urban, and pretty much THE apartment I would design for my family had I the financial means to. I will have to post pictures tomorrow. 
It has two big rooms, two full bathrooms, a stunning great room/ kitchen dining area, an awesome roof top deck, gas range, washer/dryer, and a dishwasher!!!! Which is soooo helpful to keep up with the mess Matt makes! The floors are stained concrete, and all of the appliances are brand-spankin new! I have never lived in a place this nice. 
Our current apartment is just gross, and nothing works. There are so many allergens in the carpet (which is disgusting even though I vacuum ALL OF THE TIME). It has become a serious concern for Aife's health. I want her to be in a clean, healthy, happy environment, and our new place exceeds all of my criteria.
PLUS, huge bonus, and primary reason we are moving, we currently live above the bike shop where Matt works. So, basically he never leaves work. It just became too much for him. His manager constantly came up to ask him crap, and P.S. not a good idea to have your boss and landlord be the same person. Especially when said person is a total ass.
But, now we are moving on to better things!!! I am so thrilled we can give our daughter an amazing house to grow up in. It just proves yet again, the power of positivity. If your situation sucks, find a way to make it better. I can barely type right now I am so ridiculously happy and excited! 

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