Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Victories, Big Impact

I know I have been ranting A LOT lately, and it does no good to be all negative... Sometimes you just have to get it off of your swollen breastfeeding chest, though. I mean, yeah, this motherhood stuff can be really difficult sometimes, and wear down your last nerve, but it is also AWESOME!! I can't imagine my life without my daughter. It is sooo important to focus on the good things, and even the tiniest of victories. For example, the latest victories...
First, my pregnancy warts have completely disappeared from my feet, just in time for sandal weather. (I know, gross, but just another fun fun fun part of pregnancy. Some women, the really lucky ones, get the additional prize of warts along with morning sickness, swelling, high blood pressure, fat ass, moodiness, even fatter ass). 
Second, I thought that part of the placenta was still attached, which is a baaaaad thing. So, I was totally freaked out, but it's not. I'm ok. It was just the Depo shot making things interesting. 
Third, my ass has started to go back to human proportions. I have always had some bootay, but now it is beginning to get reasonable, and fit through doorways again.
And, the biggest, most exciting victory of all!!! Aife is no longer terrified of the bottle. She is by no means taking it like a champ, but she is also not screaming hysterically when I bring it near her. Her new-found oral fixation is responsible for this amazing breakthrough. She will suck on it, and even drink some of the pumped b-milk. I can't believe it! 

We are still working on the rice cereal thing, but making some progress with it. She likes to suck on the spoon, and every once in a while will actually keep some of the cereal in her mouth. Most of it just ends up all over her, me and the floor. Pretty much anywhere but the inside of her mouth. She also loves to take charge, and grab the spoon out of my hand and try to shove it in her mouth, like a fish lunging for a worm. I feel hopeful, though. I think she is starting to get used to the idea of it. 
She loves trying to drink out of my glass. If I am holding her, and drinking something, she lunges for it mouth agape, and starts ferociously attacking the rim. 
It is incredible to watch her grow and change, and learn. It really is the small things that keep you going. 

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  1. Charles saw the video and was like, "Wow! She's really a mom!!" I don't think it hit him until he saw it.

    I'm so glad that Aife is finally taking to the bottle! Better late than never. :)

    Also, you two look beautiful! Aife has grown so much! chub legs! ADORABLE.