Sunday, August 23, 2009

Date Night

Matt and I went our very first DATE NIGHT! I don't think we really ever went on dates when we were just kickin it... old school... sans bebe. It was amazing! We got all dressed up, SHOWERED!, and I wore lipstick for the first time since senior prom, six years ago.
The magic took place at a quaint little restaurant downtown called Russets. We were the only ones dressed up, but I didn't care. Any excuse to throw on those heels, and hike up the hemline, I am in. The food was fantastic, and we basically had the outdoor dining area to ourselves, complete with this adorable little fountain next to our table.
I felt like a couple again. I love my little family, and we are that, too. But, it is so important to remember the couple aspect of it. Things were getting a little rocky, and action needed to be taken.
I remembered what attracted me to him in the first place, and why I fell so madly in love with him. Then coming home to our little baby girl, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and hope. Hope for so much happiness.
The obstacles are all so worth it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Wisdom: Shuffle Scuffle

It is wise to make sure all of those Mariah Carey songs, that were just a joke for shits and giggles... I don't remember how those got on there, I swear!, are off of your ipod before you put it on shuffle while enjoying a nice car ride with your boyfriend. It is difficult to believably explain why Operation Ivy is followed by "And it's just, like, hooOOOnnnnaaaay...."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Are you there mom friends? It's me, Kaylee

I did not realize how badly I wanted mom friends until today. Having a baby when NONE of your friends do is difficult. It automatically makes you the one to not call to hang out. Yesterday, my friends got together and went and had mojitos at the restaurant where I used to work. I totally understand why I wasn't invited; a baby limits the activities a bit, but I still felt the pangs of jealousy. I used to be fun.
Moms around here are just nowhere near my age. I had hopes for this one girl who is a friend of a friend. She is 35, and about to pop out her first in October. I met up with her and our mutual friend so that we could chat, and get acquainted. We would both have young babies, and blah blah blah, BUT she informed me that ALL of her friends already have babies, so she is set. (I can't believe how desperate and pathetic that makes me sound! Ah, but I am, so oh well.)
She is a bitch anyway. She is in that cocky, totally prepared, won't be rattled by this baby, stage of pregnancy. Ha ha ha. I was there once, too, honey, and you will be bitch-slapped by baby reality!
I guess I will just have to be patient, and find my new niche, or tackle an unsuspecting mom at the park and beg her to be my friend.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Trickery

How is the whole introducing solids thing going? Well...

She's not eating it yet, BUT...

she has figured out how to fake sleeping.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Bring Me Down, Brrrrrruce

Wait. Wait. I have something to show you.

I'm going to start standing in my crib! So, you can stop putting me down for naps now.

You know that girl who always make the kissy face for every single picture?
Here is Aife's rendition of that. Her new favorite face...

Oh, and she even changes her own clothes now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Court, Opportunities, and Bares (butts) oh my!

Recently, an explosion of things and stuff (big, intimidating words are kind of a hobby of mine) have simultaneously occurred. Some good/ potentially great, some major pains in the ass, some small, some big, some 'shut the hell up, you've sufficiently covered all bases'.
Then I sit down to write this stuff, and find that I am unable to because, maybe, just maybe, highly unlikely, but possible, this stuff is only interesting to me! Haha, ridiculous, right?
Here it goes anyway...
Our previous landlord has been withholding our security deposit for nearly 60 days now. That has really screwed us over. We requested an itemized list of all deductions taken, and have yet to see said list. He flat out refuses. He keeps telling us what was wrong with the premises, but refuses to show us proof of his maintenance fees. AND, a new tenant took occupancy the day after our lease was up. So, I have a sneaking suspicion that he did not paint the walls, and get the carpet cleaned and all other costs he is claiming to have taken out of the deposit. On top of that, he is claiming we agreed to pay $125/ month for utilities. What?! We will pay the bill you give us, from the electric company. We lived above the bike shop, and he said that he had a hard time distinguishing which bill was for which space: the Aspen store, the Carbondale store below our apartment, or our apartment. Giant red flag, but I was 8 months pregnant, and just wanted a place to live. I believe we were paying a huge chunk of his utilities for the store. He is a crook! He refuses to reach any kind of reasonable agreement with us, so we are taking his GREEDY ASS TO COURT! $1100 is a lot to us. To him, it is gas money for a day.
On a more optimistic note, I think my graphic and web design career is about to come out of its coma! I have a couple of decent accounts on the horizon. That would be amazing. I am currently making $200 a month at the flower shop, because no one wants to have huge extravagant weddings this summer. Wonder why. This could be huge. I am optimistic.
Now, I am just in the process of getting my CU credits transferred to an online college so that I can finish up my degree while I breastfeed. I just have to pay off some tuition (not even scratching the surface of my loans) and then my transcripts can be released. That will be a huge relief to get those loose ends all tied up.
And finally the gripping conclusion to my never-ending post... Last night Aife was laying across my lap, decided to take off part of her diaper, and peed all over me. Wasn't that worth reading this whole post for? It isn't a story unless someone gets peed on.

Friday, August 7, 2009

That's Adorable! Now Stop.

The feelings you get from watching your baby learn how to do new things, or discover more to her surroundings is ineffable. I mean, there is just nothing out there quite like it. You are utterly captivated by everything they do.

And then comes the day that they realize they are capable of taking off their own diaper.

That day has arrived at this household. This also happens to coincide with her insatiable need to put absolutely everything in her mouth. Well, everything excluding the delicious and edible bananas and peaches I so lovingly, and time consumingly mash up for her. Her toys she eats, her food she plays with.
The other night I was sitting on the floor with Aife, and I turned around to grab another book for her to chew on. Matt, was telling me about his day, and mid-sentence he stops and exclaims, "Look at our daughter. Just look." I turn around to a tiny naked butt, and the biggest grin I have ever seen in my entire life. She was so proud of herself, and starting giggling. She giggled for a few seconds, and then smashed her diaper right into her mouth! Luckily, I had just finished putting a clean one on her, so there was nothing in it. But, I won't be so lucky every time she decides to air herself out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

As the grains of sand fall through the hourglass, So do the days of our lives.

Not sure on my accuracy of that little quote of infinite wisdom, but I'm sure you get the gist of it. This one goes out to my g-parents. (and Days of Our Lives is my grandma's "show", and we all know to be quiet when her program is on.)

My dad's parents have always been a huuuuge part of my life. My grandpa is the most amazing man, and my grandma is so kind and nurturing. We would spend summers at a lake with them in Wyoming (I know, total cliche 'summer house at the lake' country up there.) But it was my absolute favorite place on earth. My grandpa would get my brothers and me out on the lake at the butt crack of dawn when the water was still glassy, and pull us around and around on our water skis for as long as we wanted. He took us fishing, and would obligingly release the fish for me, because I couldn't bear to take their lives (I now realize that they probably died soon afterwards, anyway). He has the best sense of humor, and has played a huge role in creating fond memories of a wonderful childhood. (excuse the hallmarky nuance there).
Our last trip up to the lake was bittersweet. The whole area has changed beyond recognition, so I don't want to taint the memories of trips past, and yet, I wish I could give Aife those Seminoe summers. Our last evening there my grandpa and I planted a couple of chairs down by the water, set up the umbrella, and he opened the cooler, handed me a cold one, and we shared our first beer together. It was an awful Budweiser in a can, but that was the best damn beer I have ever had.
I am sad that Aife will not get to know them as I know them. They are really starting to show their age. They love her, and go crazy over her every time we visit, but I know she will not to get to have the same experiences with them. My parents are amazing, and will spoil her rotten. So, she won't be lacking in the g-parent department. It still breaks my heart, though, that she won't get to know my grandpa that well.
I remember my great grandparents, and I'm sure my dad felt the same way. They were already so old by the time we were old enough to really interact with people that weren't our parents. My memories of them consist of a lot of sitting in chairs, and zoning out. My great grandpa would just turn his hearing aid off, and sit there in silence. I bet they were fantastic people. We heard stories about them, but never really got to know them. I would give so much for Aife to have the opportunity to really get to know my dad's parents. At least they have gotten to meet her, and will watch her grow up. I'm so grateful I could give them that.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

IU D-Day Part Deux

I don't know if I my vagina has just already had its fair share of terrifying pain and was like "no way am I making this easy for you.", or I am just a GIANT HUGE woos, but that IUD hurt like a bitch! The pamphlet warned that there might be slight cramping following the IUD insertion. Okay, I thought, I can handle some cramping. That pamphlet is a damn dirty liar, and I would punch it right in the face if I could!

The doc tells me that I will feel three separate cramps as she measures, inserts, makes me baby-proof for ten years. I think, ok, no big deal. I gave birth naturally, how bad could this be? So, wrong. At least with birth I had the epidural.

First cramp, painful, but manageable. Second cramp, teeth-clenching "Oh my god, tell me it's over!" I need something to crush with my hand!! Third cramp, "THERE'S MORE?!?!? I changed my mind. Hand me my pants. I'm out!" Ahhhhhh! My eyes tear up, I'm clammy, and about to pass out from the blinding pain.

The doc feels my forehead, grabs my hand, and tells me to not move. Do not sit up, I will go get you some ibuprofen. Oh, gee, thanks. That will do it. I think I will just go slam my head in the door for a while instead, until I have forgotten that it feels like you shattered a dozen glasses in my UTERUS! Meanwhile, gushing blood.

She comes back, and asks if I can put my pants on without passing out. I'm about to give her a "are you kidding me?" look, when I hear my baby start to cry. Without hesitation, but many groans, I jumped right into jeans, and wobbled out to collect my girl that the amazing nurses so generously offered to watch while my poor uterus was being traumatized.

We waited, hunched over, to check out and pay as a steady stream of teenage girls were infiltrating the waiting room, making appointments, checking in, making my life hell! I am standing there hunched over, baby in arm, blood trickling down my leg, sweating buckets. These girls were taking FOREVER! Finally, we get to leave.

I decide to walk around town for a while to gain my composure a bit, before I drive. Walking, not the greatest feeling at the moment, but sitting down and driving stick, excruciating! I pushed Aife in her stroller, and hobbled behind for a while.
Moral of the story, I am a giant woos, apparently. But, I am looking forward to hormone-free protection that lasts for ten years! Depo made me a crazy person. Today it feels like my ovaries got into a boxing match. And lost big time after betting their life-savings on a landslide win, and owe the mafia their first born child now, because they can't come up with the money, the Depo has obviously not worn off yet...

Monday, August 3, 2009

IU D-Day

Is it ridiculous that I am so nervous about this IUD? I mean, I know having a copper T shoved up my cooch sounds like a remarkable monday afternoon activity, but um, it would be nicer if there was some way to do this online. That didn't even make any sense whatsoever, but it is a million degrees in my house, and the "makes sense" section of my brain has been sweated out of my pores.
I have to bring the little miss with me to this exciting event. This should make for a very memorable gyno visit. As if they are not uncomfortable enough, right? I guess I am just not looking forward to the monstrous cramps that follow an IUD insertion. Looks like I gotta leave now for this very exciting appointment.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Okay, true story.
Matt actually told one of his friends that he couldn't go mountain biking with him this weekend, because I was working and he had to BABYSIT our daughter. Yes, you read that correctly. Babysit our daughter. I was speechless. I just looked at him in disbelief. If I started telling people that I was busy all week babysitting my daughter, they would look at me like I was a crazy person. Rightfully so. Oh, gotta go. I have to get back to babysitting my daughter.
Here Aife is re-creating the shocked and appalled look on my face.