Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Court, Opportunities, and Bares (butts) oh my!

Recently, an explosion of things and stuff (big, intimidating words are kind of a hobby of mine) have simultaneously occurred. Some good/ potentially great, some major pains in the ass, some small, some big, some 'shut the hell up, you've sufficiently covered all bases'.
Then I sit down to write this stuff, and find that I am unable to because, maybe, just maybe, highly unlikely, but possible, this stuff is only interesting to me! Haha, ridiculous, right?
Here it goes anyway...
Our previous landlord has been withholding our security deposit for nearly 60 days now. That has really screwed us over. We requested an itemized list of all deductions taken, and have yet to see said list. He flat out refuses. He keeps telling us what was wrong with the premises, but refuses to show us proof of his maintenance fees. AND, a new tenant took occupancy the day after our lease was up. So, I have a sneaking suspicion that he did not paint the walls, and get the carpet cleaned and all other costs he is claiming to have taken out of the deposit. On top of that, he is claiming we agreed to pay $125/ month for utilities. What?! We will pay the bill you give us, from the electric company. We lived above the bike shop, and he said that he had a hard time distinguishing which bill was for which space: the Aspen store, the Carbondale store below our apartment, or our apartment. Giant red flag, but I was 8 months pregnant, and just wanted a place to live. I believe we were paying a huge chunk of his utilities for the store. He is a crook! He refuses to reach any kind of reasonable agreement with us, so we are taking his GREEDY ASS TO COURT! $1100 is a lot to us. To him, it is gas money for a day.
On a more optimistic note, I think my graphic and web design career is about to come out of its coma! I have a couple of decent accounts on the horizon. That would be amazing. I am currently making $200 a month at the flower shop, because no one wants to have huge extravagant weddings this summer. Wonder why. This could be huge. I am optimistic.
Now, I am just in the process of getting my CU credits transferred to an online college so that I can finish up my degree while I breastfeed. I just have to pay off some tuition (not even scratching the surface of my loans) and then my transcripts can be released. That will be a huge relief to get those loose ends all tied up.
And finally the gripping conclusion to my never-ending post... Last night Aife was laying across my lap, decided to take off part of her diaper, and peed all over me. Wasn't that worth reading this whole post for? It isn't a story unless someone gets peed on.

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