Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh Good, I was hoping to clean that again

Organizing the tiny apartment is not going quite as well as I'd hoped. Big surprise! Not only does the freezing weather make me very lazy, my two-year old thinks that what I put away needs to come back out immediately, and spread even further around the room. And, hmmm, perhaps I should dump the whole canister of fish food in the tank mom just cleaned..... (and hates cleaning!) Siphoning out that water is just pretty gross. I am still a little gun shy after I got some in my mouth once. The thought of it still makes me cringe.
Today I am hoping to finish up the bookshelves and the "office space", which is really just a makeshift desk with a computer, and tons of papers haphazardly thrown about. I really would like to get Aife's room organized.... Digging deep for the motivation.
The sun is finally out, but it is close to 20 below. That sun, just taunting us. Last week it was over 50, sunny and gorgeous. Unfortunately, a little too cold today to take a field trip. But the two of us have to get out of the house! If we stay in, I just may have to organize something.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Making the Bed

It has become abundantly clear that the disaster that is my apartment is driving me crazy! I was so grateful yesterday while visiting my dad, that he had a recent Better Homes and Gardens magazine out, and that the main focus was organization. It gave me the inspiration to finally tackle all of those ever-increasing piles of who knows what. I have mounds of unopened mail, toys everywhere, and a closet full of clothes I know I will never wear, but keep around just in case I get invited to that 'pretend you are back in college halloween /ordinary day party'. I need to purge my life of superfluous possessions that have no place. Sentimentality needs to have limitations in my life. It is taking over all available floor space...
My first step in this process of de-chaosifying my life is to make my bed first thing every morning. Simple, yes, but unbelievably successful. I instantly feel like something has been accomplished, and my bedroom is partway clean already. That has proven to be an amazing way to start the day. Next step is coffee.
I am planning on tackling one area at a time while simultaneously picking up everything I just put away (my daughter's contribution), and getting this place de-cluttered, organized and as un-chaotic a small apartment with a two-year old can be. Another goal of mine this year.... keep my expectations realistic!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wrinkle Cream!?

At two the mirror is still your friend.

Oh yes, I have become a believer in the quarter life crisis. I used to think that it was yet another made up epidemic of the times to increase the sales of beauty products, miracle pills and supplements, magazines, gym memberships, clothing..... really anything to provide that quick fix for the inevitable aging process, and the sagging that accompanies it.
It is a gimmick to make us buy stuff that most likely is only helping our wallets lose weight, but I got sucked in! I am 25, and freaking out! I just bought wrinkle cream yesterday. According to well, everything, men grow dignified and distinguished, and women grow droopy. Believe me I am embarrassed to admit this insecurity, but aging is starting to be a part of my life!
This most likely is due to seeing pictures of myself covered in birthday cake at my two-year old's party in comparison to pictures of my baby-less friends' covered in stylish clothes at trendy clubs full of good looking people. Now, I had my time. I partied, and had fun and all that, and I am happy where I am in my life. But it certainly does age you. On the bright side, my liver is in better shape!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to Blogging

So, it has been an extremely long time since I have posted anything. I didn't realize how much use I had of my hands when I was breast-feeding and my baby spent more time sleeping, than rummaging throughout the house destroying anything within her range, which currently is absolutely everything. These days I am lucky if I get time to use the bathroom, much less sit down at a computer and type something- an activity that does not revolve around my daughter, and requires me to take my eyes off of her for more than a few moments.
Right now, she is climbing up my back as I type, and desperately try to get my coffee down. This is what is considered living dangerously in these parts nowadays. Liquids, electronics and a two-year old. Well, really anything + two-year old= potential disaster.
Anyways, I figured it was high time I surrendered some of my thoughts into the vast web expanse, and get them out of my head.
Life with a two-year old is a whole different ball game. We are having so much fun, and learning our way through dramatically different challenges. Our baby-proof house will never be toddler proof. She has figured out the child locks, something her dad can't do, learned to open doors, and has made the discovery that by pushing chairs up to the counter she has unlocked the world of cabinets previously out of her ever-expanding reach.
It is hard to imagine that this toddler in front of me, or on top of my shoulders pulling my hair, is the same little wiggly infant barely able to hold up her own head. I am loving this age so much, and look forward to watching her personality bloom even more.