Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wrinkle Cream!?

At two the mirror is still your friend.

Oh yes, I have become a believer in the quarter life crisis. I used to think that it was yet another made up epidemic of the times to increase the sales of beauty products, miracle pills and supplements, magazines, gym memberships, clothing..... really anything to provide that quick fix for the inevitable aging process, and the sagging that accompanies it.
It is a gimmick to make us buy stuff that most likely is only helping our wallets lose weight, but I got sucked in! I am 25, and freaking out! I just bought wrinkle cream yesterday. According to well, everything, men grow dignified and distinguished, and women grow droopy. Believe me I am embarrassed to admit this insecurity, but aging is starting to be a part of my life!
This most likely is due to seeing pictures of myself covered in birthday cake at my two-year old's party in comparison to pictures of my baby-less friends' covered in stylish clothes at trendy clubs full of good looking people. Now, I had my time. I partied, and had fun and all that, and I am happy where I am in my life. But it certainly does age you. On the bright side, my liver is in better shape!

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