Friday, January 28, 2011

Making the Bed

It has become abundantly clear that the disaster that is my apartment is driving me crazy! I was so grateful yesterday while visiting my dad, that he had a recent Better Homes and Gardens magazine out, and that the main focus was organization. It gave me the inspiration to finally tackle all of those ever-increasing piles of who knows what. I have mounds of unopened mail, toys everywhere, and a closet full of clothes I know I will never wear, but keep around just in case I get invited to that 'pretend you are back in college halloween /ordinary day party'. I need to purge my life of superfluous possessions that have no place. Sentimentality needs to have limitations in my life. It is taking over all available floor space...
My first step in this process of de-chaosifying my life is to make my bed first thing every morning. Simple, yes, but unbelievably successful. I instantly feel like something has been accomplished, and my bedroom is partway clean already. That has proven to be an amazing way to start the day. Next step is coffee.
I am planning on tackling one area at a time while simultaneously picking up everything I just put away (my daughter's contribution), and getting this place de-cluttered, organized and as un-chaotic a small apartment with a two-year old can be. Another goal of mine this year.... keep my expectations realistic!

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