Monday, January 24, 2011

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So, it has been an extremely long time since I have posted anything. I didn't realize how much use I had of my hands when I was breast-feeding and my baby spent more time sleeping, than rummaging throughout the house destroying anything within her range, which currently is absolutely everything. These days I am lucky if I get time to use the bathroom, much less sit down at a computer and type something- an activity that does not revolve around my daughter, and requires me to take my eyes off of her for more than a few moments.
Right now, she is climbing up my back as I type, and desperately try to get my coffee down. This is what is considered living dangerously in these parts nowadays. Liquids, electronics and a two-year old. Well, really anything + two-year old= potential disaster.
Anyways, I figured it was high time I surrendered some of my thoughts into the vast web expanse, and get them out of my head.
Life with a two-year old is a whole different ball game. We are having so much fun, and learning our way through dramatically different challenges. Our baby-proof house will never be toddler proof. She has figured out the child locks, something her dad can't do, learned to open doors, and has made the discovery that by pushing chairs up to the counter she has unlocked the world of cabinets previously out of her ever-expanding reach.
It is hard to imagine that this toddler in front of me, or on top of my shoulders pulling my hair, is the same little wiggly infant barely able to hold up her own head. I am loving this age so much, and look forward to watching her personality bloom even more.

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