Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh Good, I was hoping to clean that again

Organizing the tiny apartment is not going quite as well as I'd hoped. Big surprise! Not only does the freezing weather make me very lazy, my two-year old thinks that what I put away needs to come back out immediately, and spread even further around the room. And, hmmm, perhaps I should dump the whole canister of fish food in the tank mom just cleaned..... (and hates cleaning!) Siphoning out that water is just pretty gross. I am still a little gun shy after I got some in my mouth once. The thought of it still makes me cringe.
Today I am hoping to finish up the bookshelves and the "office space", which is really just a makeshift desk with a computer, and tons of papers haphazardly thrown about. I really would like to get Aife's room organized.... Digging deep for the motivation.
The sun is finally out, but it is close to 20 below. That sun, just taunting us. Last week it was over 50, sunny and gorgeous. Unfortunately, a little too cold today to take a field trip. But the two of us have to get out of the house! If we stay in, I just may have to organize something.

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