Monday, May 4, 2009

We've Got the Monday Mornings

I don't remember the lyrics to any nursery rhymes, and I'm lucky if I can even get through the first line of a lullabye before I have to start making up my own words for it.  I am really lucky if any of those words make any kind of sense, or are even real words. Aife is a good sport though. She laughs along with me anyway. I just hope this will not set her up for word disaster later on, or force her into therapy because I have robbed her of a precious childhood experience. What if she ends up being the girl in class speaking like a drunk in complete sentences of made-up words (but her dad is a proud member of the grammar police, so she will speak nonsense, but it will be grammatically correct nonsense). I do not share this same passion. Some of my favorite words are the ones I have made up. Depressancy for example. And I started following my own grammar protocol after 6th grade. Let the commas fall where they may, and the sentences run-on to their hearts' content.
I try so hard to listen to children's music for Aife's benefit, so that she won't be completely robbed of terrible music, but it is painful! She doesn't seem all that into it either. She gives me this look that says,"What the hell are we listening to? This guy has a voice that reeks of forever-a-virgin,-by-choice-of-course,-but-yeah-right-not-buying-it-you-sing-like-a-chick-and-a-creepy-chick-at-that-maybe-you-should-put-down-the-flute-and-try-building-a-thing-or-two-out-of-metal". She is a very linguistically advanced baby at 3 and half months. And look, not one made up word that time! 
When I run out of nonsensical homemade lullabyes, I turn to the aid of my favorite music. She (I) can only put up with "Puff the magic dragon, lived by the sea, and oh hey look here's your diaper again all filled up with pee. Something, something fairytale, and here goes another nap of ours that is surely going to fail.... "(not even the right tune). Pathetic! Or my other favorite, my own rendition of Brian Eno's Baby's on Fire, "Baby's gone rigid, better throw* her in the boppy. Baby's gone rigid. No she is not loose and floppy..." *by throw I mean set her in gently
So, when that gets old (hard to believe it ever could), I put on a little old Bouncing Souls, and sing along to that for her as we mosh around the living room. I tried some Misfits songs too, but when we got to Last Caress, I had to draw the line somewhere. Bouncing Souls, especially the Hopeless Romantic album is very suitable for a baby. A baby destined to have great taste in music! Today's feature song is Monday Morning Ant Brigade. Fitting for a rainy monday, following a nearly sleepless and hectic weekend. No hangover though.  Now if only NOFX and Sloppy Seconds would put out some children's albums. 


  1. LOL she'll sound drunk in class ...whats the difference you WERE drunk in class!!!!!!! As I recall drunk Kaylee "the POPE, man this burger is hot!" yes you put hot sauce on it like it was ketchup."

  2. Ha! I saw your comment on GGC - I was going to have a feature called wordy Wednesday where I shared my made up words - like articularity. But I haven't had my s*** together enough to do all the blog things I could if I wasn't a working mom. I also make up songs or just sing bad pop songs to the girls, I mean to invite other moms to post about that one day too. And btw, it does get easier, the first months are hard. You are right, go easy on you.

  3. I believe I am going to have to add your word articularity to my vocab, GingerB! Made-up words are the best, because no one can correct you on the usage of such words. I am glad to hear that it gets easier! That is what everyone has said. I think wordy Wednesday is a great idea. I will stop by your blog and check out your words. Meanwhile, I will continue hindering my daughter's vocab with my own homeade words. How many times can I use the word, word? Word.