Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fax Defeats Mombrain

So I can push a whole human out of my body, feed her, entertain her, keep her happy and healthy, but I can't send a stupid fax? Simply baffling. I have done it a million times, yet for some reason, when it is a super super important fax, like future at stake here important, I send 8 BLANK PAGES. That certainly leaves an impressive impression on someone I need to impress...
It was a stupid mistake, baby in one arm fidgeting, stack of papers in the other, papers put in fax machine up-freakin-side-down! It almost reminds me of Office Space the movie, minus the humor, and the fact that it's my stupidity defeating me, not technology's fault. But I still want to take a bat to some office equipment! 
As soon as I finish feeding the baby, I will drive back to work and resend the pages right-freakin-side-up.  Wish me luck! Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself. 

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