Friday, May 22, 2009

A Room of Her Own

Just about 20 minutes ago, I made my first attempt at having Aife sleep in her own room through the night. It is attached to our room, so I stupidly thought it wouldn't be that big of an adjustment. Yet again, I am proven oh so very wrong. She loves taking naps in there, and she has this amazing crib to sleep in. But alas, no dice. She squirmed around for a good five minutes before she started letting out her BIG screams. No work up to the climax, just all-out belting her unhappiness with the new digs. Now, I am trying to soothe her, and lull her back to a state of relaxation. Then I will be putting her into her bassinet next to our bed for the night. When it's bedtime, I readily admit defeat. There will be plenty of battles awaiting me tomorrow. Right now all I want to do is sleep. Sleep for a week. I need my strength as the rice cereal war epic wages on...

Oh the good old nights... such as last.

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