Friday, May 22, 2009

Harrington Smith Flowers

I have become the new tech person at the flower shop where I work. It is called (as if the post title isn't glaringly obvious) Harrington Smith Inc. I primarily just do shop support, event set-up and take-downs, and I order people around  "on-site" (not part of my job description, but fun nonetheless). Now, I update the website, and photograph events to boot.
Having recently become addicted to blogging through my mom blog, I decided to start a flower blog as well. I don't really have all that much "free" time, but I do have a free hand to type a lot. And I am getting damn good at editing photos with one hand. 
So, if you don't already have a giant list of blogs you follow, or you have a fascination or remote curiosity about flowers, take a gander. I just so rarely get to use the word gander. Most of the info is accurate, some I just make up (haha...maybe). Regardless, flowers are just wonderful to look at, and the events these designers create are incredible. Awe-inspiring. A new favorite descriptive phrase of mine. Along with "Data search face", but that is waaaay off course here. 

Flower Shop Baby

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