Friday, June 5, 2009

Bring On The Jungle Cats

This week has been reeeediculous (using this typo-effect fully aware of how annoying it can be, but whatever, the correct spelling just doesn't seem to cut it here.) We are still in the process of moving into our new place (we had to pay last month's rent at signing for the old, we got 30 very expensive days to move out. This has turned out to be invaluable with my inability to move more than a handful of clothes and a glass at a time. But it's coming along.
Aife started to acclimate to her new surroundings, and was returning to her cheerful self was time to get her four month shots!!! She was pissed for a day and a half. She is finally looking at me again. Well, she keeps one eye on me at all times to make sure I don't pull anymore of those shenanigans.
Then, June 1st. Day numero uno of our lease, we get a phone call from our landlord. They need to show the house. We signed the lease even though the house is on the market, because I truly don't believe it is going to sell within the next year. However, it sucks having strangers trampsing through your house, especially with a baby on your boob, and tons of unpacked boxes. OUR FIRST DAY!!! I was very unhappy. Haven't heard yet if it sold, but I'm inclined to stay positive. I just love it here so much. 
Continuing right along, my brother and his girlfriend are out of town for two weeks, so guess who gets to take care of their new kitten, and five billion plants. The girl who has all the free time in the world! And this is no ordinary cat. Oh no! It is this special breed that is a combo of house cat and JUNGLE CAT. It looks just like a leopard, is mean as hell, and is going to be over 40 pounds. Right now at 12 weeks he is bigger than my mom's full grown house cat. Don't even get me started on his stench. Yesterday, I had to take him to the vets (psycho vets who treat you like you abuse animals, and you are the worst person EVER because you walk on two legs, not four, even if you are just bringing your pet in for vaccines). Crazy people. 
So Jungle cat had to stay with us last night. Bad bad news. He is back home now, and I will just continue the 60 mile drive a day to take care of him. I really don't want a jungle cat near my baby. And apparently my brother's GF is convinced the cat is autistic because of the vaccines, so she is very concerned about my ability to take care of him, even though I have somehow miraculously managed to keep a human baby alive and healthy for almost five months now, without her even catching a cold. Buuuut, I need a novel of instructions to take care of her cat. Very insulting, actually. Someone has to break it to her that he's not autistic, HE IS JUST SEVERELY INBRED. You pay $1200 for a cat, he is going to be inbred. 
Other than that, pretty relaxed week. Matt got a new job, with a boss who shows no signs of being a scoundrel. I'm helping my mom remodel her kitchen. And I go back to work this weekend. At least I can't say I'm bored!

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  1. An autistic cat? *rolls eyes*

    Yay new place! I think you're right that it won't sell for a good while. Now that you're paying rent, the owners of the place will have less incentive to drop the price or accept a super low offer.

    I hear that Aife is rolling! So rad.