Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Completely Edible World

Aife has acquired a serious oral fixation lately. Everything in her path that she can get into her tight clutches goes directly into her drooly, drooly mouth. Well, anything that isn't conventionally edible. Her toys all have taken on the slobbery appearance of dog chew toys, her stroller and carseat have permanent wet spots where she chews on them, my shoulder always looks like it is leaking, and so on. Her hands used to suffice, but now her feet have become overwhelmingly tempting to her.
You can see it in her eyes. She has spotted something that looks delicious.

Ah! She is eating my camera. I guess that is it for pictures.
I have to say it is the most entertaining, and unbelievably adorable thing to watch. She amazes me more and more everyday. This oral fixation thing, although worrisome because you can't take your eyes off of her for a second to make sure she isn't putting the neighbor's cat in her mouth or something...
That cat knows that something is up, and rightfully looks scared for his life.

...has been just what we needed to get her to start eating rice cereal! She looooves it now. Slurps it down like she's a seasoned pro. She also takes her sippy cup like a champ. The Nuck's sippy cups are awesome. She can control the flow much easier than with the bottle. On Saturday she grabbed her cup by the handles out of her dad's hands, and started chugging her milk ALL BY HERSELF. She fed herself three full ounces. (It is already apparent that she likes to be in control.)I was and still am amazed!
Thank you all for your kind words in reference to my last post. I didn't mean to be all whiney and bitchy. I love being a mom, I just don't always like her dad! haha! I was just a little mad (well pissed) that day, because her dad informed me that he was in desperate need of a vacation, and would be going to Moab for a weekend.
Aife and I are going to have an amazing, fun-filled, girls' extravaganza weekend. Spa night is out, but we will roll around on the floor together making dinosaur noises until we can no longer keep our eyes open, gossip about the latest heart-throbs over breastmilk ice cream, make crank phone calls and then sleep in until 5:30! Thank you again, though. I love how supportive this blogging community is!

And here she has perfected her innocent look. "What? I don't know where the kitty went!"

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