Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to Work

I am finally going back to work next weekend. It is the Food and Wine festival in Aspen, and I am going to do all of the flower set-up stuff, you know, beautify the tents blah blah blah, so rich folk have something pretty to look at as they chug down the finest wines (and then spit them out! blasphemous!)in the world, and the most delicious foods you can find. I am excited, and yet... I photographed a wedding the designers I work with did a few weeks ago, and memories of lugging around Aspen trees, and other ridiculously heavy things, came flooding back to me. I don't really want to be schlepping heavy ass trees all over the place. But, what can you do? I work at a flower shop, and that is what we do. My graphic design career is taking off, and hopefully someday soon people will want to hire interior designers as well! Anyways, Matt is going to start watching Aife on the weekends while I am hauling these heavy ass trees around. And what is absolutely adorable about this, is that he told one of his friends today that he has weekends off! Haha! Yeah right! He really doesn't realize that watching a baby is a FULL TIME JOB! You don't get a lunch break, you don't get to plan anything at a certain time, you do what she needs at all times. period. I thought that was adorable. You just wait honey. You will work your ass off. It is amazing work, and it is so cool to be with your kid and watch them learn new things, and discover the world around them, but it is a job nonetheless, and a job with no paycheck at that. I am working from home right now as well, so I am going to have to figure out how to combine all of this. Exciting new project. Perfect timing. I was starting to get bored. I am soooo sick of people (Matt's mom) asking when I am going back to work. Screw her I say. She still doesn't have a job. Anyways, I could go on about that forever. I guess we will just have to see how all of this plays out! But life is amazing right now. Absolutely amazing! The new place has changed everything. My whole outlook on life. Ah, I am rambling.

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  1. HEY! Saw your comment on girlsgonechild and mosied my way over to your page. ;) I live in Denver so I was automaticlly drawn to your "high altitude." ;) Congrats on the little one! And uhhh, yeah right one the "having weekends off" thing! hahaha he will learn soon enough! Good luck to you. XO-Sarah