Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh God, It's Gonna Get Sentimental

New motherhood is crazy lonely. You are never alone, and yet it is the loneliest I have ever felt. My amazing friend Katie got me started on blogging back in March by introducing me to the sites Girl's Gone Child and Dooce. She opened up this whole world of lonely, 'oh yes, I've been through that' moms.
Finally, I found people to relate to. None of my friends have children. None. They are all getting married, but so far, no little pitter patters. I, of course did the opposite. Baby, no marriage. Matt is fully in the picture, and wonderful, and we are basically married just without the certificate.
But, anyways, it was awesome to find this whole community of people who get it. And that don't judge me to my face for not being married. The judgments in reality are harsh.
This one friend of ours was fully ridiculing blogging. He said it was pathetic that people actually thought other people would want to read about their thoughts, and happenings. Well, I DO. I have found some awesome people, and I love reading their blogs. I do care, and I like having a place to put my thoughts as well. I'm sure my life and thoughts are not fascinating to everyone, but who cares?
Blogging has really helped the loneliness. It is so encouraging to read how others have dealt with the same stuff and their own obstacles, and also how they have enjoyed the incredible events of parenthood. I have to stop typing now. My keyboard is soggy from all of the mush I just spewed onto it.


  1. The comments should be working now. Thank you guys for letting me know!

  2. I run around spewing ideas everywhere and it makes me so happy that I could share a couple of links with you--and you took that and found this whole world of amazing, smart, interesting mommies like yourself and made your own corner on the internet!

    I love you. I love that you write and I get to read about you and your little family a few times a week. :)