Wednesday, July 22, 2009

6 Months

Aife is officially 6 months old today. Everyone told me that time would just flyyy by, and I would wake up one day and send her off to college, and cry, get empty nest syndrome and take up needlepoint and bridge.
Well, we aren't quite there yet...although her new babbles are scarily similar to the drunken ramblings of frat boys... I am starting to feel the pace of time quicken. The first several months moved like screaming, pooping molasses, and I vehemently believed that it would never ever end. I would be trapped inside FOREVER! (I have a knack for the melodramatic).
Anyways, as the days grew longer, things, as everyone had promised, got immeasurably easier and way more fun. Now, I can't believe my little tiny girl is 6 months! Unfreakinbelievable. Everyday she amazes me more, and I know I am going to miss this time later on down the road when she is a tantrum-throwing-fine-I'll-ask-daddy-then two year old.
I'm looking so forward to all of the stages, and teaching her things, and watching her grow accustomed to the world, but sometimes I look at this amazing little 6 month old girl that means more to me than anything, and I can't imagine her changing; I half (maybe 1/3) wish she could stay at this age, this size, exactly as she is. Dinosaur noises, face raking, hair pulling, inordinate amounts of spit and all.
Then I remember sleep, and how nice it will be to do it again.


  1. UGH! I was just feeling this exact same way! Sometimes at night I'll be rocking her to sleep and just look at her and well up with tears imagining her growing up and not staying the beautiful innocent amazing baby that she is. IT SUCKS!!

  2. Happy Half Birthday Aife!! I can wait to see her and sing with her and play with you guys! She is such a keeper.

    And I'm glad to hear it actually is getting easier. You've gotten to the fun part! Woohooo!
    She'll only get more and more beautiful and clever and awesome and it will be a freaking blast to hang out with her.

    (I'm asking Charles for a baby every day. He says that we can have a couple but not yet. This makes me pout.)